What To Do In Quarantine: Painting & Cleaning Your Room

Hello welcome back to my blog and today’s topic is What To Do In Quarantine: Paint & Cleaning r. So the whole point of these blogs that I have been posting is to help me stay occupied while being bored in Quarantine, and it seems like just wasting my time doing something has helped me stay occupied while in Quarantine for a quite a long time. The first thing we are going to be talking about is Painting.

Painting isn’t something new that I’ve done in Quarantine. Before Quarantine I wouldn’t paint that much but I did paint, and most times I didn’t even know what I wanted to paint I would just pick up a brush and start painting random stuff.

My paintings never looked like this in the end

Painting anything can also be very therapeutic, and during these very uncertain times it is good to do something that can soothe you. I did do a previous blog about art that I will link so you can check out my thoughts on just doing art in Quarantine, which can hopefully keep you occupied.

Link To Blog About Art (and cleaning is also in this blog)

In my last blog about art I did mention that I am not the best at art, and when I said art I meant any form of art. I am also not the bets at painting but I feel like the more time I have on my hands the more time I take in the paintings, which can make the painting look amazing.

See the difference in what your art would look like if you just take your time

I do enjoy painting landscapes such as mountains, the sky, and many many trees. Bob Ross is someone who I think made me want to start painting landscape and trees. If you don’t know Bob Ross is he was this man who would paint on Tv, and he was very calm which may be the reason why I watched him.

Bob Ross in my opinion has amazing art, and even better hair

I do like painting rivers as well but almost always they turn out wrong. But since I have all this free time I think I will try to start getting better at painting rivers.

Next let’s talk about Cleaning Your Room. Just because you wont have any guest over that doesn’t mean your room can look like a mess. It is still good to maintain a clean room and nice area.

I make up bed, clean my closet, and do more. And almost always I listen to music, plus when I clean my room I pass a lot of time. It seems like a lot of the time when I’m bored I try to do stuff that can past time, and they pretty much always do help past the time in Quarantine.

Well that’s it for this blog, I hope my blogs are helping you stay occupied and not bored. Hopefully Quarantine is becoming easier with some of my blogs.

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