What To Do In Quarantine: Face Masks & Face Time

Hello welcome back to my blog and today’s topic is What To Do In Quarantine: Face Masks & Face Time. I thought since many of us are in Quarantine it would be good to make my blog solely dedicated to what you can do while in Quarantine, bored or not. Until this Quarantine is lifted I will be postings blogs on how to keep you busy while at home. So the first thing you can do is Face Masks.

Face Masks may not keep you busy but the can make your skin feeling amazing. Since many business are closed because of the COVID-19 a lot of stuff is being done at home, so going to a spa or getting a face mask professionally done why not do it at home.

How I put on a face masks while at home during Quarantine

I do think that it’s better to go and buy a face masks packet or something and not DIY it. Sometimes when you try to do something at home it doesn’t turn out right, and your skin is something that is very important and I would hate for it to be ruin so it’s best to order or go out and buy a packet.

Some really good face masks you need to try. Why better for your skin then DIY face masks.

Face masks don’t pass time for me, but lately just putting on a face masks has made me occupy myself with something. Just doing anything has helped me past time with Quarantine, and face masks have helped me pass time for some reason but I don’t know why.

Me putting on my 5th face mask of the week just to past time, just because I’m bored in Quarantine.

Next is Face Time. Any gatherings that are more then two people is not allowed, and because of that rule a lot of public places have been closed. Such places that have been closed are schools, malls, movie theaters, theme parks, and much more. And a lot of social interactions are through these places, so online has become the way to talk with people.

Being six feet away is also causing us to limit the contact with others

There are a lot of face timing apps, such as house party. House Party is an app were you can invite friends to talk, there is also games you can play on the app.

House Party is bringing a lot of people together even if they are in different places. Talking to people can also help, for example if you are stuck at home alone its good to talk to people. You can also plan what you are going to do with people through house party, like any gatherings you will have when Quarantine is over or any places you will go.

This app is bringing people together even if they aren’t really together (if that makes sense)

Well I hope this blog has helped you figure out what to do in Quarantine.

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