What To Do In Quarantine: New Hairstyles & Taste New Food

Hello welcome back to my blog, and today’s topic is What To Do In Quarantine: New Hairstyles & Taste New Food. Being in Quarantine can get real boring, and you start to do stuff that is so boring but helps you stay occupied. So until we can go outside again, I will be posting blogs on what to do while stuck at home in Quarantine just so you won’t stay bored. The first thing you could do in Quarantine is try out New Hairstyles.

Okay before I even get into this topic I know many people have resorted to cutting or shaving their hair, so later on I will be talking about my thoughts on this. I know many people are thinking that since nobody is going to be seeing them for a while that there is no point in maintaining their hair, but to me I personally would not want my hair to get messed up so doing hairstyles helps keep my hair nice and occupies me with something to do.

How many people are going to look like when Quarantine is over

I have tried new hairstyles in Quarantine the most. Pinterest is an app that is perfect for searching up amazing hairstyles for my texture of hair, and what good products to use as well. I feel like its good to get inspiration on what hairstyles you like and then try them out for yourself, and Pinterest is an amazing app to get good ideas for new hairstyles.

An amazing app that can inspire you to do many things. Perfect for being bored while in Quarantine.

Alright cutting/ shaving your hair. I know some of you think you would look better with a haircut which might be true or not, but I don’t know if it will turn out well. Giving yourself a homemade hair cut might turn out well, but I have seen many many fails which made me just go why? But I know that the reason many people are cutting there hair is because they are probably fed up with Quarantine, which is understandable.

What many people are doing to their hair while in Quarantine

Now let’s talk about Tasting New Food. I am a person who rarely goes out of my comfort zone but Quarantine has just made me go crazy. I have been trying weird food combos and just altogether eating completely different meals, and also doing something so weird I have started to try and make cop-cat takeout places food.

I do enjoy playing a game with my family called what’s in my mouth. We just blindfold ourselves, the another person would pick a food and then you eat it. Once the food is in your mouth you have to try and guess what it is, and whoever guesses the food right the most wins.

What it looks like when its my turn to taste a food

Well that’s it for this blog, I hope you have found some new things to do while in Quarantine to keep you occupied.

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