What To Do In Quarantine: Cleaning & Art

Hello welcome back to my blog and today’s topic is What To Do In Quarantine: Cleaning & Art. Until this Quarantine is lifted I will be posting blog posts on what you could do with all of this free time.

First lets talk about cleaning. Now cleaning is something that I do almost twice a week or more, but many people should start cleaning a lot more because of this virus. Since the virus can survive on surfaces for many hours or even days it is important right now that people start to clean their stuff to prevent the chance of the virus infecting them.

I used to clean a lot less then I am doing right now in Quarantine, but I don’t know why I start cleaning out of now where while in Quarantine. I just think I’m so bored and need to do something really quick, and cleaning is one of them.

Now many people may think that cleaning is boring and doesn’t pass the extra time, and that is also something I thought before but now all I do is clean. The thing I do the most is mopping, someone can ask me to mop and I’ll do it.

The thing I mop with is the Swiffer Wet Jet, and the first time I was asked to mop I wanted to get money out of it because I thought that mopping the floor would be so boring. But then anytime I found a spot that needed to be mopped, I would be the first person to mop it and I don’t know why.

Water sprays out of the two holes

Another cleaning activity I do is vacuuming the stairs. Since I have been home there has been an increase of crumbs on the stairs and I was so confused as to why, because before Quarantine the stairs had very little crumbs or no crumbs at all.

And since I saw all of these crumbs on the stairs I begin vacuuming the stairs, and I don’t know why I started to vacuuming or cleaning anything so much while in Quarantine but it does help pass the time for me.

Now let’s talk about art. Before I get into this topic I would like to mention that I am not the best at art, but it does keep me occupied. While in Quarantine I have done many things that I would never do before, but I guess anything that I can do to help pass the time is something that I will do.

Art is something that helps pass the time, I may not do much but maybe doodle but that still occupies me with something to do while in Quarantine. I do like cutting out shapes and making little intricate designs as well just because again it keeps me occupied.

I also color a lot, since I’m not the best at drawing coloring is what I do the most and I am pretty good at that. During Quarantine I have tried to get better at shading and many other things, which just goes to show how I am trying new things to help pass the time

Well I hope this blog is helping you stay occupied while at home, that’s all for now.

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