What To Do In Quarantine: Make A Fort & Make Homemade Soap

Hello welcome back to my blog, and today’s topic is What To Do In Quarantine: Make A Fort & Make Homemade Soap. The reason why my blogs are now based on what can help you while in Quarantine is because I’m getting bored, and I thought many other people may not have anything to do so I thought why not just make my blog about what you can do in Quarantine. Anyways let’s get into one of the things you can do in Quarantine, Make A Fort.

Making a Fort can be fun for some people, and can also give you something to while in Quarantine. I really like making forts and I’m starting to do them a lot more in Quarantine, I feel like making a fort takes a really long time for me becasue I want the fort to be somehwhat perfect.

I really do enjoy maing forts and just staying in the fort for hours or even days, but I just think it’s so much fun in Quarantine.

I always want the forts that I make to look perfect or to look nothing like a fort and more like a castle. I don’t know I want it is with me but I would just really like any fort I make to be super perfect and looks huge as well as amazing.

What I thought my fort would like while in Quarantine

I do think that for some people building a fort can be fun for them becasue they may have a talent for building or theyjust really like forts. For me I do like forts but I feel as if the only reason I build them is becasue I like to put stuff together.

I really do enjoy just occupingy my time with something to do, and building a for is the best thing that I can dow with all this free time in Quarantine. Since staying at home has now started to become a little bit boring, forts are a really nice way that I can spend some time doing something other then looking at my phone.

LEGOS are also nice to use when your bored, it’s sorta simlar a building a fort

Now let’s talk about Making Homemade Soap. Becasue of the COVID-19 crisis everyone is washing their hands which shouldn’t everyone wash their hands already. But it just seems to me it would be really nice to make homemade soap during COVID-19 so you can be able to get your hands clean.

Also if you run out of soap it’s good to know that you have the ablitlity to make homemade soap. Their are also kits that you can use that might be better for some people.

This will be very helpful during COVID-19, and it most liekly smells very good

I am on the fence about trying homemade soap becasue I don’t know if the soap will be able to wash the germs off, which is the most important thing right now. But I still think that you all should for sure try out home made soap and see what it does for you.

Well that’s it for this blog, hope you found something to do in Quarantine.

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