What To Do In Quarantine: Ice Cream & Organize Your Drawers

Hello welcome back to my blog, and today’s topic is What To Do In Quarantine: Ice Cream & Organize Your Drawers. Since we are all in Quarantine becasue of COVID-19 it’s very important that we don’t just sit at home and get bored. So I thouhgt why not make my whole blog about what you can do while in Quarantine so you won’t die of boredem. But anyways let’s hope into one of the main topics in this blog Ice Cream.

One of my faviorte things to eat when it starts to heat up a little, is ice cream. I have only two ice cream flavors that I will be able to eat which are vanilla and chocolate, the one that I eat the most though is vanilla.

I do enjoy chocolate lice cream but vanilla is my go too almost all the time

I know many people think that vanilla ice cream is pretty plain, but I don’t really like the other flavors just becasue I just like to stick to my go to which is vanilla. Chocolate on the other hand is really good, but I never considered chocolate ice cream to help me cool during the hot weather but popscils are the best to help cool of, which bringing up popscils I made a blog about that.

Here is the link to the blog I did about popscils and what eles you can do in Quarantine:

I think that popscils will be better to ehlp cool you down when the weather starts to get a little bit warmer

You can also make homemade ice cream if you want. I am the type person who just likes to eat the ice crem that comes from the store. But becasue of Quarantine I am starting to do things that I would normally never do, and some people would rather make homemde ice cream maybe just for something new to do in Quarantine that won’t keep them bored.

What some people would rather make then just going to the store and buying the ice cream, which seems like it would be really fun.

I do think that since we are in Quarantine some of the stuff we have eaten has chnaged, so I think I may actually try somene w flavors of ice cream like birthday cake and more. And I may even take the time out of my day to make homemade ice cream, which I think will kee me ouccpied and still be fun.

Next let’s talk about Organizing Your Drawers. I have done maybe two or three blogs about cleaning or just organizing something so you should for sure check those blogs out, but not right now.

I do think just becasue we are in Quarantine that doesn’t mean that you shuldn’t still be clean and organized.

I know seem boring but it is to me very fun, most likely becaue of Quarantine

Well that’s the end of this blog, I hope you found some new things to do in Quarantine.

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