What To Do In Quarantine: Try New Hair Products & Water Grass

Hello welcome back my blog, and today’s topic is What To Do In Quarantine: Try New Hair Products & Water Grass. I reall hope that the blogs I have been posting have done something to help you in Quarantine, so since we are still in Quarantine you should still expect more blogs on what you can do in Quarantine. so let’s get into on eof the things you can do in Quarantine Try New Hair Products.

Trying out new items in Quarantine is something that I have been doing a lot. Whether it’s oreding new stuff or just trying new foods, for sure while I’ve been in Quarantine I have tried many things. But what about hair products. since we have been in Quarantine many people have decided to try new styles to their hair and maybe to maintain that hairstyle you need to try new hair pruducts.

Trying new hair produts may actualy have amazing benfits for your hair such as growth.

I do think that trying new hair products may may benfit your hair. But then agin when it comes to trying new things out there is always a risk to having a major fail. I do suggest that when trying something new especially when it comes to your hair, to always read the ingredients fully. Oh and we can’t forget about the hacks that people are using for their hair.

Some of the many Hair Hacks:
  • Eggs in Hair
  • Mayonnasie Conditioner
  • DIY Shampoo with Cornstarch
  • Moisturizer for the pool (in your hair)
  • Crushed Aspirin in shampoo

Now the list I just made holds some of the many many many hair hacks, that can be found on the interent or told to us by family or friends. I think that you may have better chance just trying out hair products from a store or online webiste rather then hacks. Sometimes hacks can mess up your hair for a really long time.

Anything can go wrong while doing a hair hack, for example yor hair could get set on fire.

It does seem like trying new hair products has worked for me. Moose is something that I kinda just stopped using after a while, but then I got some moose and WOW the moose was amazing. I’m starting to think that the moose that I am using now is why better then the one I was using before. Moose has for sure brought out my curls, and made my hair look way better.

Alright let’s get into the nest topic Watering Grass. You may be thinking this topic sounds so boring, and your right but also wrong if that makes sense. Watering the Grass can sound so broing and could be looked at like a chore, but anything in Quarantine can be fun becasue we are so bored. and watering the grass is something that can for sure help you no stay bored.

Watering the grass is not only good for the grass, but also you since you doing something other then just being bored.

Watering the grass is mazing right now becasue summer is coming and I’m pretty sure many people will be going outside. And watering your grass cand fix your grass up by like making the grass grow.

Well thats the end of this blog, hope you found something to do while in Quarantine.

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