What To Do In Quarantine: Wash Cars & Homemade Popsicls

Hello welcome back to my blog and today’s topic is What To Do While In Quarantine: Wash Cars & Homemade Popsicls. I decided that since the world as of right now is kinda rocky and were not going out as much becasue of COVID-19, I started thinking why not make my whole blog about what you can do while in Quarantine just until were able to go back outside. So let’s get into the first thing you can do in Quarantine which is Wash Cars.

Alright I know many of you may think that washing a car during a global pandemic were we aren’t able to go anywhere is kinda dumb. I know we really aren’t going to be showing off cars in a while, I mean if your stuck at home washing your car may cross your mind. But when I say I enjoy washing cars I kinda mean it, I mean I like washing cars in Quarantien becasue I really have nothing better to do.

Washing cars is now something that I am doing for fun in Quarantine

So it is getting a little hot and maybe the first thing that comes intomany peoples mind is to go swimming, but with the COVID-19 problems if you don’t have a swimming pool at home don’t even think about going to the public pool. I feel like washing your car is the next best thing, well throwing water balloons and just sparying yourslef with water can also be fun but when you wash a car you atually get something done.

What many people would rather be out doing, then being stuck at home in Quarantine

Yesturday my father and I washed his car and my grandma’s car and it is really un. I just think it was nice becasue I was finally able to go outside the hosue and get a little wet, plus I was able to clean two cars

I do think many people are going to start missing their regular summer activities beacsue of being stuck t home in Quarantine. It would be really nice for some people to go for a swim, me on the other hand I don’t really mess with water. I rather stick to washing cars then have to jump into a pool, but that’s just me and my opinion.

What my face looks like when I get into any body of water

Now let’s talk about Homemade Popsicls. Since many people aren’t really able to go outsie for a nice little swim it’s still important to stay nice and cool during Quarantine. Popsicls are somthing that can for sure help with cooling down the body, and when you make homemade popsicls that’s even better.

This would taste amazing on a super hot summer day, even if we are still in Quarantine

We have a popsicl molder and all we do is put just inside of the mold and then wait for like three hours. Once the three hours are up then we run super hot water of the little mold and then boom, homemade popsicls.

Well that’s it for this blog, I hope you found some new things to do in Quarantine.

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