What To Do In Quarantine: Write Blogs & Document Quarantine

Hello welcome back to my blog, and today’s topic is What To Do In Quarantine: Write Blogs & Document Quarantine. Since we are in Quarantine and can’t go to the many places that we love, we become bored. I have started to write blogs all about what you can do while in Quarantine to keep you busy, so until this Quarantine is over keep expecting blogs on what to do to keep yourself occupied. Today’s topic is kinda similar but when I explain it you will understand, so let’s get into the first topic Write Blogs.

How it looks when I write my blogs

So I write blogs already, but I have recently alternated my topic to benefit others on what they can do while in Quarantine. I do think it is good to write about any topic that interests you such as food, sports, history, and anything that you like.

When I write my blog about what you could do in Quarantine, I always try it out. For explame if your blog is about food it’s vital that you try the food, to give your honnest opion about something you need to try it and not fabricate any information. Not trying a product can make your blog flop, always make sure that you think that this item is going to benfit your viewers as well.

Always write a blog that you love and enjoy

I also think that bloging can keep you very busy. If you are passionet about blogging then you would spend so much time trying to make it perfect, and also ask your viwers what you want to see. Now I am not a big blogger but I have been bloogging for quite a while and I feel like I can give a few tips and tricks that can futher benfit you and your blog.

Now let’s talk about Documenting Your Quarantine. To me blogging is doing something you like, but doucmenting your Quarantine is just trying to past time. I think when you either record or write what your day’s are like in Quarantine it might make you feel better, but most importanly give you with somthing to do with your time.

What you could do with your free time, vlog your expercie of Quaranitne

Also documenting what Quarantine is like is really helpful to show off later on in time. Maybe 15 years later you might be showing a little kid your videos of you in Quaranitne. It’s also good to just remeber what had happen, like with all the deaths and us staying at home. You could tell others like “Oh you rember 2020. Here watch my videos of what I did” Like just showing others the stuff you did while in Quarantine would be good.

It is good to also have a journal were you can write what you go through everday being stuck in home becasue of COVID-19

Kepping a journel might be better for others though. Writng your daliy life while in Quarantine may also be helpful. I mean it may be possible that a bunch of kids will have to learn abut what we went through, so maybe to tell all the people who wasn’t here when this happen it would be good Document it.

Well that’s the end blog, I hope you find something to do while in Quarantine.

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