What To Do In Quarantine: Outside Games & Plan

Hello welcome back to my blog and today’s topic is What To Do In Quarantine: Outside Games & Plan. Since we are all stuck inside the house and many of us are really really bored, so I deiced why not make my blog only about what you can do while in Quarantine. So lets get into the first thing you could do in Quarantine, Outside Games.

The reason why I picked Outside Games is because we are all very much bored. Not only is that we are all bored but also we need to stay active. A lot of people go to a gym, and because of the COVID-19 I’m sure some gyms have closed. So since we are all in Quarantine and not able to go to a gym or be in big workout groups, that doesn’t mean we can’t stop keeping are body active.

How many people work out

So going outside in for example the backyard of your house you can play games such as soccer, basketball, football, and much more. Now if your not able to do actives out in a backyard you should go walking, that not only gets you active but gives you exposure to sunlight which is good for the body.

How my body felt when I went outside for the first time in 4 weeks

I did make a blog on why going outside is good where I also talked about the benefits of walking, so here is a link to that blog:

Going outside in general is going to give you an amazing amount of vitamin D since you’ve been inside for such a long amount of time. I also think just being outside in the nature is good, I at first was inside all day and didn’t really care to go outside. But I later on decide to go on walks and play games outside in my backyard, which turns out to be fun and good for my body.

A good source of vitamin D, the sun. Which is good now because we barely go outside

Just going outside and playing a little activity is good, not only for the body but also just because being copped up in the house for a long time gets really boring. I think moving your body in general is good, but when you start getting active outside its better because your getting vitamin D and staying active which is really good.

Next is Plan. Hopefully this Quarantine will be over soon, but until it is it’s good to make plans about what you will do when Quarantine is over. Just having a lost about what you want to do when your able to leave your home is good, because you will be looking forward doing those things.

Trying to figure out what I want to do when Quarantine is over

For example if you want to go traveling, its good to start planning where you will go and what you would do there. Just coming up with all the stuff you will do when Quarantine is over might help past the time you have to spend in Quarantine.

That’s all, I hope this blog helped you figure out what to do while in Quarantine.

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