What To Do In Quarantine: Check the News & Going Outside

Hello welcome back to my blog and today’s topic is What To Do In Quarantine: Checking the News & Going Outside. While many of us are listening to the social distancing rules we are stuck at home, and I thought why not dedicate my blog on how to keep yourself busy while in Quarantine.

First lets talk about Checking the News. I have never been so concerned about seeing what the news is talking in my life, I constantly check if the date to get us out of Quarantine has changed. And right now checking the news not just to see when I’ll get out of Quarantine, but also to see any new information about this virus.

Checking the news comes with its cons. There is a lot of misinformation out there in the media and many people are believing this, which becomes a problem.

But the news is an outlet for me to get the latest tips on what to do during this pandemic. For example Coronavirus can last on cardboard for 24 hours, on air 3 hours, copper is up to 4 hours, stainless steal is 72 hours, and plastic is 72 hours as well. I got all of this information from the news, it helped think about whether or not I need the cardboard box the cereal comes in and much more which is very helpful during this time.

But the problem with this information is that when I looked it up, many different times came up on how long the Coronavirus can last.

The news also told me what to do with produce that comes from the store, how to disinfect the produce is very important. Not only did the news teach me what to do with produce when it comes to your house, but also any other food product.

What I do to disinfect the stuff from the store

The news has also given me a clear view on what the doctors go through on a daily basis while during this pandemic. It is very unfortunate the doctors aren’t getting the proper equipment to fight off this virus, and many are put in danger going to work trying to fight this virus.

The next topic is Going Outside. You see while in Quarantine your not getting enough sunlight, which is pretty bad for your body. Going out for walks is a great way to get your body some sunlight, just walking outside can have amazing affects on your body.

How happy I get when I go outside

Being inside the house all day is boring and bad for your body, so just walking outside can be way better then staying cooped up in the house all day, for me going outside also makes the time go by a little faster.

But because we are supposed to still practice social distancing, when going out side there is still some rules you have to follow. Like the six feet rule, were you have to be six feet away from a person. Another thing you should do if you decide to go outside is to not walk so close to people, if there is a group of people stay clear and walk away from them.

I hope this blog is helping you all entertain yourself while in Quarantine, but that’s it for now.

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