What To Do In Quarantine: Playlists & School Work

Hello welcome back to my blog and today’s topic is What To Do In Quarantine: Playlists & School Work. I know many of you are stuck home because of COVID-19, so I decided why not help all of you who are stuck at home that need some ideas on what to do when your bored.

First lets talk about Playlists. So like many of you I am starting to listen to more music then ever and have started adding even more songs to my playlist. And I’ve started doing this a lot manly to past time, but to also listen to songs while stuck in Quarantine.

The app use to find new music daily

You see while in Quarantine an idea popped into my head that maybe I should start adding songs to my playlist because I have nothing better to do, and then almost everyday I check my Apple Music to see if there are any new songs I want to add.

If there are any new trending songs I almost all ways listen to them and see if I should add them to my playlist. I can spend up to an hour trying to find the right music to add to my playlist, I may see that this artists has started to blow up so I try and find them on Apple Music and listen to a few of their songs to see if I should add them to my playlist.

Listening to music to see if I should add it to my playlist

I manly just listen to my playlist and clean or organize, which keeps me occupied and busy enough to forget whats going on in the world. I really do enjoy cleaning and listing to music, it really helps pass the time and makes cleaning seem fun.

Now let’s talk about School Work. I know many of us miss school, but might not miss the work. Since my school is closed I am getting online assignments, and anytime I get an assignments I try to do it right when it comes in.

The type of energy you need to have when doing all of your school work

And if your bored its best to do something productive like the work given to you. I find working on school assignments does keep me occupied for a while, and its good to get some work done.

It’s also very important that you keep your brain running even if your not in a classroom, its still important that you keep your brain running and don’t forget essential information.

This is the app that I use to communicate with my teachers

You see since your in Quarantine and not able to learn the normal way its also important that you login into any website that is going to provide you with access to the work your teacher is going to give you.

Well I hope this blog can helped you find something that can keep you busy while in Quarantine.

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