What To Do In Quarantine: Organize & Puzzles

Many people are doing work from home like this

Hello welcome back to my blog and today’s topic is What To Do In Quarantine: Organize & Puzzles. While under Quarantine I thought why not dedicate my blog post on what you could do while in Quarantine.

First lets talk about Organizing. In my last blog that I posted I talked about how cleaning has become a new normal for me, well the same is said for organizing. Organizing is very therapeutic believe it or not, at first I was very reluctant to organize one of my drawers but with all this free time on my hands I decide I have nothing better to do so I started organizing.

One of the very first things I organized was a drawer underneath my night stand, and I quickly became hooked on the idea of fixing up my room. I think I like organizing because I have so much free time, and too pass the time organizing is very fun since it involves me doing a lot of moving.

How many people are spending all of their free time

But I started organizing a lot more because there are so many benefits of organizing a cluttered space. Organizing can boost your physical and emotional energy, which is very helpful during this time we live in. Being organize also reduces stress and anxiety, and this is good because we don’t need anymore stress or anxiety since we’er already going through a difficult time.

I’ve also been organizing my closet. Putting my shirts, pants, and jackets all in their own area so they don’t get mixed up. I have also thought about putting any group of clothing in color order, just because I am so bored. I also think my clothes in color order would look cute and make my closet even more organize.

How I want my closet to look at the end of Quarantine

Now let’s talk about Puzzles, which is something that I have started doing while in Quarantine. Puzzles occupy me for a very long time, but it just depends on the size of the puzzle. As of right now I am working on a puzzle that is quite large in size, which is perfect because this can pass a lot of time.

How long it takes me too find the right piece to the puzzle

The puzzle that I am working on right now has a lot of small pieces which indicates that this puzzle will take quite a long time, at least for me it will. The puzzle is a very fancy building with really amazing designs, which makes me think that I will take an even longer time building this puzzle.

Putting a puzzle together defiantly helps me get off my phone for almost hours. Since I go for smaller puzzle pieces it takes me a longer time to finish, which helps me stay off my phone for a while which brings down my screen time.

This puzzle looks like it would take me a long time to finish

Well that’s all for this blog, I hope these ideas can help you stay occupied while in Quarantine.

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