What To Do In Quarantine: Online Shopping & Homemade Creations

Many of us at home right now

Hello welcome back to my blog and today’s topic is What To Do In Quarantine: Online Shopping & Homemade Creations. Because of COIVD-19 we are all trying to practice the social distancing laws that were given to us, and since many of you are stuck at home and have nothing better to do so I thought why not make my blog about what to do while in Quarantine to keep you busy.

First let’s talk about Online Shopping. Since almost all of the stores are closed right now, to get everyday products many people are doing Online shopping. In my opinion online shopping is the best way to do shopping while in this pandemic since there is less human contact which can stop the spread of COVID-19.

The best why to get items

When going to pick up products if you have the equipment you should be safe, but you should not go outside unless you really need to. But getting grocery’s dropped of at your car is the best way to get items delivered instead of going to the store, or having items getting drooped of at your front door that really limits the contact.

Not only is online shopping good for grocery’s but also for unnecessary products. We aren’t supposed to go to the store unless we really need to go, and well since I’m bored in Quarantine and I really don’t need anything I go online shopping for all the products that will just keep my occupied.

What it looks like when I go online shopping

I have ordered shoes while in Quarantine (which wont keep me busy but they just looked like really nice slides) which anytime I order something I take precaution wearing gloves when picking up the item, just to be on the safe side. I do think its better to do all the unnecessary shopping online so we don’t go to the store to expose ourselves to the germs in stuff when we could’ve just stayed home.

Next let’s talk about Homemade Creations. And many of you may be confused when I say Homemade Creations, and what I mean is start making anything you want but at home. Creating different things at home can definitely keep you busy for at least a couple of hours, and it could literally be anything.

You could make this while in Quarantine which would look really cool

For example you could start making a lot of food. Some of the foods you can make could be pizza, cake, cookies, homemade bread, and much more. The options are really endless because you have so much free time.

You could also make homemade face masks. Making face masks can actually be something that can be really beneficial, you could give your homemade face masks to people who need it the most like essential workers. Many items that you can make at home can help you during this time. There are countless videos on how to make homemade hand sanitizer, which again can be very helpful during this time since many stores are running low.

Well I hope this blog helped you figured out to do while in Quarantine.

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