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Hello welcome back to my blog and today’s topic is Pizza MY Heart. I just went and tried their pizza a couple of weeks ago and it was really good. Their are some pros & cons to this pizza though I feel like this pizza is really good and I don’t want to make it seem like I am trying to bring down their company.


Okay let’s start with the pros first. Well let’s see, amazing pepperoni I mean their pepperoni was the perfect amount, they were spread evenly around, and they just tasted good with the pizza. Also amazing cheese, the cheese is the one thing a pizza HAS to have but if that pizza is lacking the cheese you wanted, well guess what THE WHOLE PIZZA IS RUINED. Luckily Pizza MY Heart’s cheese was exceptional, spread perfectly around, and had the best cheese pull I have ever had on pizza, I mean each bite cheese was definitely pulled off of the pizza and into my mouth.


Alright I’m just gonna be straight forward (I mean nothing bad about their pizza, these are just my thoughts don’t take them serious until you try their pizza) TOO MUCH GREASE! This is the one thing I tried to avoid grease, yes I know you might be saying ” But they use grease in pizza” And you are completely right but I mean who wants a pizza soaked in grease, I know it’s not just me. (imagine if it was only me lol, okay back to the pizza) Another problem is the crust, too crunchy which makes it even harder to eat with metal in your mouth. (I am referring to my braces)

Who would want to eat a pizza with that much grease (please tell me other people fill the same way)

Since I don’t want people to say “But their pizza is amazing, how could you be so rude!” I am going to include their link so you won’t just go off on my words, but instead actually try it.

I LOVE PIZZA, I mean who doesn’t. And Pizza MY Heart was a really good experience, and I would definitely be going back again. If I were to rate this pizza it would most likely get a 8 and a half/ 10, just because of the grease.

Thank you so much for picking on this blog, please let me know what food you want me to try next. But for right now, I’m out.

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