An Apology To Hez

Hello and welcome back to my blog. In this blog I will be apologizing to Hez for not opening the door for him. Though I did tell them to open the door because I was busy on my blog, I was even going to go and open the door for you, but people told me not too. But these excuses I just listed are not trying to go away from the fact that I was a inhumane person by not opening that door for you. I am apologizing in the sincerest way possible I was such a rude, disrespectful, and impolite person that this blog post apologizing to you would not be enough. I am so so so sorry for my behavior that I showed, you may be thinking that I am a horrible person but I am not and I hope that this apology would be enough for you.

I feel like I treated you very unfairly by not opening up the door for you, I was just so focused on my work but then again that is not a valid accuse for how I treated you. Nobody deserve what had happened to you Hez and I am so sorry. If there is anything more I can do for you please let me know, because I feel me saying sorry is not enough.

I am disappoint in myself for how I treated you. I usually open the door or someone else at our group does. I did here all the laughter and completely tuned it out to work on my home page for my blog. But any excuse I give should not make up for the fact that I purposefully tuned out the bagging on the door, and the laughter all around me. If you do not accept my apology that is complete okay, because I disrespected you in a way that is so horrible that I am mad at myself.

So I am saying this as sincerely as possible I am beyond sorry for the fact that I left you outside bagging on the door for over 5 minutes, and I am sorry that others were amused by this. So Hez I am really sorry.

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