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Nations Fries

Hello welcome back to my blog and today’s topic is Nations Fries. I am huge fan for their fries, and enjoy all of the flavors incorporated in them. I love to eat their fries with their chocolate milkshake because it just makes the fries taste better.

Dipping the fries in the milkshake is the BEST!

I love how thick the milkshake is, because dipping the fry in a soggy milkshake to me isn’t gonna taste good.

I would hate a milkshake for being soggy, not only would that have no flavor but also dipping a fry in would taste bad, if a milkshake looks white then that means that person added more milk then anything else.

Link to their website so you can try their food for yourself

Would never want to drink, or dip a fry into

Delicious dipped in a milkshake

Thank you so much for picking on this blog please let me know what you want me to try next, but for right now I’m out.

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