What To Do In Quarantine: Food Delivery & Banana Split

Hello welcome back to my blog, and today’s topic is What To Do In Quarantine: Food Delivery & Banana Split. Since we have been stuck at home in Quarantine due to COVID-19, I have been posting blogs about what you can do with all this free time you have so you won’t be bored. So until this Quarantine is over more and more blogs will be posted about what you can do in Quarantine. Anyways let’s just go ahead and get into the first thing you can do at home in Quarantine, which is Food Delivery.

Food Delivery as of right now during this time is very important. A lot of people don’t really have chef skills so ordering delivery is nothing new to them, but for others that cook maybe not. Cooking every night can become boring, and you can run out of food which is something that is very bad. So food delivery for sure is something that is very useful during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Food delivery sources is something that is very much need during this time, I mean I’m pretty sure no one wants to run out food at their home.

There is so many food delivery websites, so I thought why not list some of the most popular ones to save you some time when looking for the best food delivery websites.

Most Popular Food Delivery Websites:
Doordash is just one of the many food delivery places that I listed. You should check out Doordash as well as the other links I listed.

Though it is very understanable why some people really aren’t ordering from food delivery services. Becasuse of COVID-19 many people refuse to take their chances with food delivery, since they really don’t know where their food has been or whether that person has COVID-19.

But here are some pros and cons to ordering from food felivery places.


  • Don’t have to cook
  • Can support the businss
  • Won’t have to eat all the food in your house
  • Don’t have to waste time cooking
You can help out a company that might be going through some hard time during COVID-19


  • Have to spend money
  • Take quite a long time
  • Chance of getting the virus
  • Spending money you don’t need to spen

The pros and cons are understandable, but if you want food you have to figure out what to do.

Now let’s get into the next topic which is Banana Split. I think having little sweet treat is amazing during this Quarantine, becasue life has become so boring stuck at home.

Banana Split is really yummy, and has all of the right flavors

If you haven’t tried a banana split yet this is the perfect time to. Since we have so much time on our hands, you could spend time trying to make the perfect banana split so you have all the right flavors.

Well that’s the end of this blog, I hope you found something to do in Quarantine.

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