What To Do In Quarantine: Acrylic Nails & Massager

Hello welcome back to my blog, and today’s topic is What To Do In Quarantine: Acrylic Nails & Massager. The whole point of the blogs I have been posting is to give you a idea of what to do in Quarantine if your bored. The time spent staying at home for such a large amount of time can be very boring, so until this Quarantine is over you should keep expecting blogs about the same thing that hopefully help you stay occupied in Quarantine. Well anyways let’s get in to the first thing you could do in Quarantine Acrylic Nails.

Well many nail shops have closed due to them not being a essential business. And well yoor nails don’t need to look ruff while in Quarantine, so why not do your own acrylic nails at home in Quarantine. I think that with the right information anybody can do at home acrylic nails, and since we have so much time on our hands it’s good to take care of ourselves.

Hopefully you follow all the rules and don’t end up making a huge histake on your nails

Since so many people are used to going to nail salons, they may not fully understand how to do their own acrylics. So when you are doing your own acrylics at home it is very imporatnt that you find a video or article to help you. I thought why not list some of the most common mistakes made when doing your own acrylic nails.

Common Mistakes with at Home Acrylic Nails:

1.) Too much nail glue

2.) Not enough glue

3.) The shape of the nails

4.) The nail posith getting messed up

You do not want your acrylics to look like this ever.

Now the mistakes I listed are just the few common mistakes that people make with at home acrylic nails. Many times nail glue can get stuck to the nail and end up peeling off your real nail bed. But if you do your right nails none of these mistakes should happen, and hopefully they look cute.

Here is now some websites that have amazing nail kits, or tips.

Imagine if your nails were able to look this good in Quarantine
Amazing nail websites:

Now let’s move onto the next thing you could do in Quarantine, Massager. So a lot of stress may be put on a lot of people during this hard time, but a massage can always help. A massager means you go ahead and do a little snopping on the interent and find the perfect massager for you, and bam order it and massage your pain away.

An amazing produt that a lot people shoud get during the stay at home orders

I think this could be very amazing for some people, but you have to be willing to pay a quite big amount of money in order to get the perfect massage.

Well that’s the end of this blog, I hope you found something to do in Quarantine.

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