What To Do In Quarantine: Baking & Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Hello welcome back to my blog, and today’s topic is What To Do In Quarantine: Baking & Homemade Hand Sanitizer. I have been really bored in Quarantine, but I know I’m not the only one. So I decided why not just make my blogs about what you can do in Quarantine, since we’ll be stuck at home for a little bit more becasue of COVID-19. So let’s just get into the first thing you can do in Quarantine Baking.

Whatever desert you like to cook it is denfintaly time to go out of your comfot zone. Since we are in Quarantine we have so mcuh free time that we can then use trying things out, such has new baking foods or ideas. If you fail you could just try again and make it better, which is the perfect thing to do right now in Quarantine.

By the end of Quarantine I want ot be able to frost a cupcake as good as this

It is also really good to have goals that you want to achieve during Quarantine, having goals means one you have something to do and two you can say you at least did something in Quarantine. But I would like to list some links to some amazing websites that can give amazing recipes to try at home in Quarantine.

Links to really Good Websites that can give you amazing baking recipes.

Fun fact each and every link I listed have to also do with Quarantine.

What some people will be baking while in Quarantine

I think right now is just a perfect time to either bake or cook it doesn’t matter, it would be amazing to come out of Quarantine saying you were able to achieve something. And also it is very fun to just bake, and then at the end have an amazing dish ready for you to eat and enjoy.

Now let’s get into the next topic Homemade Hand Sanitizer. Becasue of COVID-19 hand snaitizer has become a very big staple in many homes. Hand sanitizer denfinlty has a major effect with killing germs, but you see with COVID-19 hand sanitizer has either become to exespensive or there is barely any hand sanitizer left.

In some stores this bottle of hand sanititer could be sold for seven dollars or even more then that.

It’s better to make homemade hand sanitizer because you could be able to add stuff in that you like, such as scent. Aloe Vera is something that is almost all hand snaitizer, and it is very easy to get aloe vera. Aloe Vera is also very good for the body, so you could even eat the aloe vera.

I think when making homade hand snaitizer it’s good to add things that would either make the hand sanitizer smell good, or anything you like. But you could add stuff but make sure that the stuff yoru adding isn’t getting rid of the stuff that is needed to get rid of germs, becasue if the hand sanitizer can’t get rid of germs then what is the point to the hand sanitizer.

What Aloe Vera looks like

Well, that’s all for this blog I hope you found something to do in Quarantne.

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