What To Do In Quarantine: Video Games & Hulu

Hello welcome back to my blog, and today’s topic is What To Do In Quarantine: Video Games & Hulu. Since COVID-19 doesn’t seem to stop, we are sadly still stuck at home so that might mean we start to get a little bored. I though have now made my blogs all about what you can do in Quarantine so that you all won’t get bored or stay bored stuck in the house. But anyways let’s get inot one of the things you can do in Quarantine which is Video Games.

Video Games is something that should usaullay not be played as much, and I’m sure before Quarantine manyof you had rules for video games. But being in Quarantine means we are becoming lazy and doing stuff that would we would usally not do, such as video Games. I deicded to list the some of the most popular video games that either have been played in Quarantine or are just super popular in general.

What so many people are doing with all the free time that they have stuck at home in Quarantine
Popular video games:
  • Fortnite
  • GTA (Grand Theft Auto)
  • Call of Duty
  • Halo
  • NBA 2k20
  • Minecraft

Let me know if I missed any games that you either have been playing a lot in Quarantine or just think deserve to be on the list.

Ono of the most popular games to play not only in Quarantine, but just in general

I do enjoy playing video games once in a while, I like Fortnite and Call of Duty the most though. I have tried to now that we are in Quarantine start trying out new video games that interest me, since I have so much free time on my hands.

I do think it is kinda bad for your vision if you just sit and play vidoe games all day, but then agin if playing video games is something that makes you happy our occypies you with something to do then by all means go ahead and do it.

Many people though have stayed up for a whole 24 hours just playing video games, which is starting to happen a lot more now that we are stuck at home in Quarantine.

I really do enjoy playing video games, but I also try and limit the amount of time I spend playing video games. Yet another thing I have started to do a lot more in Quarantine is Hulu.

Hulu is something that can be found on your Tv, which si sorta simlar to Netflix. Hulu has movies and shows that you could watch over and over agin in Quarantine. Hulu and Netfilx have for sure been my best friends during Quarantine, and I don’t know what I would do without them.

An amazing app that can for sure help you get through Quarantine a little bit faster

You do have to pay though for Hulu, but it seems like it’s all worth it. With the endless movies and really amazing Tv shows paying a fee seems perfectly find if the shows and movies are good, and worth my time.

Well that’s the end of this blog, I hope you found something to do in Quarantine from this blog.

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