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Starbucks Panini

Hello welcome back to my blog and today’s topic is Starbucks’s Panini. Yes another blog about Starbucks, but this blog unlike the other blog I posted on Monday is not about chocolate croissant it’s about their panini. Okay let me just say that I never really tried a panini so I don’t know if I qualify to really critique anything about the panini, but I feel like I can.

Here is the link to Starbucks website so you won’t just take my word for it, but actually try the stuff they have there.

Okay, the panini was okay. I know I never tasted a panini before but my taste buds told me, the panini was just okay. There was too much of whatever paste or sauce that was on there, it had a strong smell that really made my stomach turn. That probably ruined the whole panini for me, but the cheese on there was not enough for me. Like I need the whole bag of cheese or something, but other than that the panini was pretty enjoyable.

What I can say is that the bread was perfect. I was amazing, it was toasted (at least I think it was toasted) and still was soft. I mean to me that’s some pretty good bread. I know I said there wasn’t enough cheese for me, and there wasn’t. But the cheese was really good. The bites I got with less of that paste or sauce which had more cheese, the cheese was good.

Thank you so much for picking this blog please let me know what food you want me to try next, but for right now I’m out.

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