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Starbucks Chocolate Croissant

Hello welcome back to my blog and today’s topic is Starbucks Chocolate Croissant. Okay, I don’t want you to be like “You can’t write about Starbucks, they only sell drinks!” Well that’s why I choose their chocolate croissant. I was originally going to write about one of their refreshers, but I decide the croissant would be a better choice.

Alright before I get into the main topic of this blog here is the link to Starbucks website so you can look at everything they have, and also try out their food on your own so you don’t just take my word for it.

Now we will start the blog. So when I first bought this chocolate croissant I was pretty much expecting the croissant to have a doughnut like taste. It may sound crazy for me to think that a croissant can have a similar taste to a doughnut, but I just thought that since they both are pastries and their is chocolate doughnuts, I just assumed that the croissant would be like the doughnut.

When I had the first bite it was just like WOW! Now the flavors didn’t really remind me of anything, but I can say it didn’t taste like a chocolate doughnut. I can say that I dislike the croissant, I mean I was never a big fan of croissant’s ever but I thought since chocolate was involved……. I would like it. The croissant was the worst part (why did I buy a chocolate croissant if I don’t like croissant’s!) yep the main meal was the worst thing. It didn’t have that much flavor, and when I did take a bite if just the croissant it would taste pretty horrible.

My taste buds when I had the first bite

Okay final thoughts. It was amazing! Expect for the croissant, the croissant was not my favorite. I really would have loved if the croissant could just be covered in chocolate it may sound like I am a picky eater, which is correct because I am a picky eater. I just feel like it would taste better with chocolate covered all over the croissant.

Thank you so much for picking this blog please let me know what food you would like me to try next, but for right now I’m out.

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