Bj’s Mozzarella Sticks

Hello welcome back to my blog and today’s topic is Bj’s mozzarella sticks. I am just picking one thing from Bj’s because if I wanted to add more it would be an extremely long blog so I will just post one thing at a time. One thing that I could tell you about Bj’s mozzarella sticks is that they really good, they are stuffed with cheese and each time you take a bite cheese flows out. But if you don’t check the mozzarella sticks when they come out then you may miss a problem, now here is a list of things that I look for in their mozzarella sticks.

  • That there is cheese pulling out of the sticks
  • Does not look soggy
  • That the cheese is warm
  • That the outside part is crunchy but not burnt

All of the things I have just listed are just some of the things that I think are important in Bj’s mozzarella sticks and in any mozzarella sticks. But what if you want to make some mozzarella sticks on your own, how would you know if they are ready or if they need more time cooking. Well I am not sure how to cook them step by step but I do know some tips and tricks, here is a list of things that can help you when trying to make homemade mozzarella sticks.

  • Bread them twice
  • If you don’t have a fryer you can use a cast iron fryer
  • If you see cheese coming out as they are cooking, remove them because they have overcooked.
  • Watch them as they cook
  • Baking them in an oven is good but it is better to fry them since you don’t have control over how they cook in the oven.

I know this blog isn’t about homemade mozzarella sticks but it is also good to put out information about any mozzarella sticks not just Bj’s.

Thank you so much for clicking on this blog, please let me know if there is any food you want me to try next or food you want me to recreate but for right now I’m out.

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