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I Love Teriyaki California Roll

Hello welcome back to my blog and today’s topic is I love Teriyaki. Specifically I’m going to be talking about their California Roll, which is probably my favorite thing there. Many people might say that the California Roll is not authentic sushi, but uncooked fish and seaweed are not my favorite thing so that’s why I stick with the California Roll.

Here is a link to their website so you can try anything on the menu that fits you.

I really like California Rolls especially the ones from I love Teriyaki because those are the ones I am comfortable with. Here is a list of the reason why I like the California Rolls from I Love Teriyaki the most:

Reason Why I Like California Rolls From I Love Teriyaki:

  • Perfect amount of rice
  • The avocado adds a perfect taste to the roll
  • The crab is refreshing, tasty, and doesn’t have a bad fishy taste
  • Lastly AMAZING flavor!
  • Many of you will think that a California Roll doesn’t count as

If I were to rate the California Roll it would probably have to be a 8 1/2 out of 10, just for the simple fact that the roll is very easy to come apart.

Thank you so much for picking this blog, please let me know what food you want me to try next but for right now I’m out.

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