Popeyes Chicken Sandwich vs. Chick-fil-a Chicken sandwich

Hello welcome back to my blog and today’s topic is Popeyes chicken sandwich. I know I am late on the trend but I am a pretty busy person, anyways when I tasted the sandwich the only thing that was going threw my mind was if this sandwich is better than chick-fil-a. And well this blog is pretty much about that.

Popeyes pros:

  • Very crunchy chicken
  • Perfect placement
  • The sauce is amazing
  • The chicken is cooked perfectly

Chick-fil-a pros:

  • Very kind
  • Food comes out fast
  • The sandwich has good chicken
  • Has a good amount of spice

Popeyes cons:

  • Bad service
  • Takes to long with the food
  • Sometimes food is cold

Chick-fil-a cons:

  • Chicken is not crunchy
  • Not a lot of flavor
  • Chicken is bland

Thank you for picking on this blog. But for right now I’m out.

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