New Years Incident

HAPPY NEW YEARS!! I hope you are enjoying your New Year Eve but let me tell you about an incident that had happen on New Years Eve. Yes another incident on a holiday but this one in my opinion is way better than the Thanksgiving one. Basically at my family invents people come over for any holiday even New Years, so when I found out my cousin was going to be coming over I knew I had to get apple cider for us. I have a problem, I am going to admit it apple cider makes me go CRAZY.

Here are some of the side affects apple cider has on me:

  • Crazy talking
  • Laughing a lot
  • Fall asleep
  • Bump into things
  • Fight people
  • Laugh a lot (putting this again because I laugh way to much)
  • Make a lot of jokes
  • Have headaches (because of all the laughing)
  • Laugh some more
  • Pass out/go to sleep

Will make me go CRAZY!

Me and my cousin are having an amazing time, oh but did I forget to mention I had a loose tooth at the time that didn’t want to come out, you need to remember I had a LOOSE TOOTH. Apple cider makes me go crazy so I’m laughing at everything falling into people, but out of no where my little brother comes up to me and says “You wanna have a battle” Usually when he would ask me if I wanted to battle I would say no because I am not into violence, but since I had 4 cups of apple cider I said yes. My cousin who I was supposed to watch the ball drop with was looking for me, she found me in the family room. Me and my brother practicing to begin our battle and she steps in and tells us to stop, my brother being nice at the time listen and walked away, but me on the other hand attacked by jumping on my brother.

Me jumping on my brother.

You may have guessed what happens next, if you thought my brother and I had a battle you were right. Kicking, punching, and jumping were happening. I thought that I had a good chance of winning but little did I know my brother had a plan, remember I said I had a really loose tooth. My cousin still trying to break us up saw that my brother was planning something also.

I turned around to do a kick, but when I turned back around his foot was in my face. BOOM! My tooth was knocked out of my mouth, screams were definitely heard from outer space! I wasn’t worried about my tooth I was disgusted by his foot being on my face. When we all calmed down we waited for the ball drop but of course, I fell asleep.

My brother kicking my face.

That’s the end of this blog hope you have a Happy New Year!

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