The Thanksgiving Incident!!


It was a dark and stormy night when the turkey incident happened, just kidding! Hello welcome back to my blog and today’s topic is about an incident that involved a turkey on Thanksgiving day . Let me tell you a little background about me and turkeys, I am terrified of turkeys. One of my biggest fears is being chased by a turkey, so when my mom told me that I should help her in the kitchen for Thanksgiving I thought I was only going to be cooking pies, mac and cheese, and maybe some ham, but no my mom thought it would be better for me to help cook the turkey one of my biggest fears.

I was in shock I thought my mother new my biggest fear was a turkey but clearly I was wrong. I step inside the kitchen and my grandma puts this extremely long apron on me, I walk over to my mom and see the turkey I look at it for at least 5 long minutes. I am terrified and shaking but I think since the turkey is dead there shouldn’t be a problem, but I was really wrong about there being no problems.


My mom tells me to help her clean the turkey, so I listen and I begin to put gloves on when I see my mother with NO GLOVES ON START CLEANING THE TURKEY!! I was petrified, seeing my own mother clean a turkey with no gloves on made me sick. I tell myself to clam down but I can’t, I then see the turkey’s blood and almost faint. I’m looking at my sink my own sink (the sink isn’t really mine)the one I washed my hands with filled with turkey guts! “Come take a photo with the turkey” my mom says, wait she wants me to take a photo with the turkey! I was very reluctant to go take the photo but I did anyways, I put on a happy face and took the picture. Here are those photos.

From a couple of thanksgivings back
From a couple of thanksgiving back

Once I finish taking those photos I start feeling less scared, but then I thought I felt the turkey move as I was taking the photo but I brushed it off, then I looked inside and see even more BLOOD! I stop doing all of my poses for the photos and look straight at my mom, and drop the turkey. Walking slowly away from the turkey, I run out of the kitchen and into the living room were the Thanksgiving parade was on I act like the whole reason I ran out of the kitchen was because I wanted to watch the parade, but in reality I was terrified. My mom and my grandma didn’t question why I ran out of the kitchen, and ever since that day any time I would see a turkey this incident would come in my head.

It wasn’t really a big incident I just got really scared of the turkey but still I think it counts as a incident. Thank you so much for clicking on this blog, hope you are enjoying you Thanksgiving but for right now I’m out.

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