Buck Horn

Hello welcome back to my blog and today’s topic is Buck Horn Grill. Many of you may be reading this and are confused about what Buck Horn Grill is, well let me explain. Buck Horn Grill has the most areas in California which if you live in places such as Mississippi and more, you would most likely not be able to try it but let’s get into details about their style of food. Their style of food is more BBQ style, but they also have burgers, chicken tenders for kids, and their BuckHorn Burger which is going to be the topic of this blog.

Their BuckHorn burger is a classic burger with sweet sauce which has ground chuck of beef covered with green chili, cheese, lettuce, pickles, chopped onions, tomatoes and mustard. All of those ingredients combined makes a great burger.

Thank you for clicking on this blog, please let me know if there is any food you want me to try next or any food you want me to recreate, but for right now I’m out.

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