Hell welcome back to my blog and today’s topic is Chipotle. I really like all of the flavor that they put in there burrito, because it adds a flavor that makes the burrito extremely. What I get on my burrito may be similar to yours or may differ in a way, I get chicken, sour cream, rice, cheese, and light guacamole. But there are things that I look for in their burrito.

  • Light guacamole
  • Everything is spread evenly around
  • Sour cream is not in one spot
  • That the burrito is wrapped tight and that known of the stuff is following out
  • That everything that I asked for on my burrito is spread evenly around

I really enjoy their food and how it is presented and the amount of flavor they add. The little details that make the flavors pop is what makes me go there a lot, the simpleness in their food is what makes their food extremely good.

Now if you have been to chipotle then you most likely get their chips. I know chips isn’t really a meal but, chipotle’s chips and one of their dips is really good.

Thank you for clicking on this blog, please let me know if there is any food you want me to try next or if there is any food you want me to recreate, but for right now I’m out.

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